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Talking With Mormon Missionaries



Have you ever thought about the difference between talking with someone versus talking to them? Those two small words can make a big impact on how we approach a conversation, and how our words are heard and received.

For years, our approach has encouraged talking with Mormons. Not debating or arguing. Not talking to them but with them. Participants in our Please Open the Door program are encouraged to see Mormon missionaries as people, not projects, who need the love of Jesus; and that little difference—with, not to—is vital in reaching them.

>> Read about one Please Open the Door participant’s experience as she takes a peek behind the curtain and into the life of a Mormon missionary.

P.S. Our Please Open the Door program recently received a big update. Learn more about the program here.

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Our Please Open the Door program provides step-by-step training, resources and mentoring support for sharing your faith with LDS missionaries, in the comfort of your own home.

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