Friends & Family Program -


Extra Care for Our Most Important Relationships

Our closest relationships — our friends & family — are often our highest-risk relationships. These are the people we care about most, yet we often avoid starting a conversation about faith and salvation out of fear of rocking the boat.

If you've felt the tension of desperately wanting to share the truth in love with those you love most, our Friends & Family program is for you.

Proven Concepts, Fresh Format

We've been teaching the course content included in our Friends & Family program through 1:1 mentoring for years. Our new program now combines that content with helpful tools designed to help you become a bridge-builder in your relationships.

A Clear Path to Follow

Learn how to start conversations, set ground rules and emphasize the topics that truly matter. Grow in your own faith as you share the truth in love with those you love!

Digital Workbook

Download our free, digital workbook designed to help you apply the course concepts, dig deeper into personal Bible study and prepare well for your conversations.

Witnessing Scenarios

Access witnessing scenarios and Biblical passage illustrations that help you develop conversation starters and talking points, in a language your loved ones will understand.

Prepare From Anywhere

Prepare for your witnessing conversations at home or on the go. Our resources are available online, anytime.

Ongoing Support

Connect with an experienced mentor who will help guide your study, listen and pray with and for you on your witnessing journey.

Our program might be for you if...

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