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Putting Together The Puzzle Pieces Of Mormonism

For many Christians, the various teachings of Mormonism are like a bewildering pile of puzzle pieces. As hard as they try, they can’t see how they fit together.

Adam’s and Eve’s fall was good? We lived before we came to earth? We can be married vicariously for our deceased grandparents so they can be married for all eternity?

Christians hear about these and other LDS teachings and come away totally confused. Even Christians living in heavily-populated Mormon areas often struggle to put it all together.

Over the years, many people have responded very positively whenever we walked through the LDS plan of salvation and explained how the various teachings fit together. Because it has been so well-received, we have filmed a brief video-based course, Mormonism’s Plan of Salvation.

The course walks through the LDS plan of salvation through five brief videos. There is also an accompanying study guide with outlines and questions for reflection.

The Ultimate Goal

While we are confident the course will help you better understand Mormonism, that’s not our ultimate goal. Our ultimate goal is to increase your concern and empathy for Mormons.

As you learn more about their plan of salvation, you will see how their doctrines and teachings burden many Mormons. The truth is, doctrine always affects people – either for good or for bad. Just think of the wildly positive effect the biblical teaching that Jesus has already done everything for our salvation has on people.

In contrast, Mormon doctrine repeatedly burdens people because Mormonism doesn’t take the pressure off them. Instead, in various ways, it relentlessly keeps the pressure on. So much so, that many Mormons feel beaten down.

After taking the course, not only will you understand Mormonism better; you will also better understand the stresses Mormons experience.

Take the Next Step

Are you ready to better understand the stresses your LDS friends are experiencing? Click here to register and receive immediate access to our free course, Mormonism’s Plan of Salvation, as well as our entire library of free courses and witnessing resources.

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